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A portable edge industrial internet of things (IIoT) analysis platform to create a repository and platform to manage data from across teams and across functions.

Safran Landing Systems Challenge 2: Implementation of SPC on all test rigs in the assembly shop

The operation and maintenance of test rigs, equipment used for testing purposes, is an essential component of Safran Landing Systems’ assembly shop. The rigs are dedicated to one product each, covering the testing of complete landing gears (nose and main) and some detailed parts. Safran would like to explore advanced technology solutions that can provide better visibility both in terms of the test rig performance and those influencing the test results. Integrating these solutions in an intelligent way will control parameters, monitor routines and implement preventative measures.

You can read more about Safran Landing Systems and the challenges here.

About Zizo Software

Zizo is a data and analytics specialist software provider and consultancy, delivering solutions for data engineering, data science, analytics and artificial intelligence (AI). Zizo enables organisations of any scale to work with its data effectively to drive improved performance and increased efficiencies. By enabling fast access to data, combined with extremely flexible architecture, Zizo is able to drastically reduce the time it takes to get the right information, to the right person, at the right time. In addition, its open platform allows users to experiment, enrich with external data sources and share its ideas. This is all delivered through its iterative approach; combining hands-on consulting, unique technology platform and a deep understanding of the technical, commercial and legal requirements for using data.

The solution

By building a portable edge industrial internet of things (IIoT) analysis platform, using data analysis software, this solution provides big data capability in a small footprint. This solution will create a repository and platform to manage data from across teams and across functions. This end-to-end connected edge device also combines device management and analytics in one single platform, without the need for implementing a factory wide network. As the IoT platform can be connected to any protocol, mobile engineers could be equipped with a mobile test platform which is not reliant on any internet connection or cloud-based database.

The solution sets out to:

  • Create an end to end connected edge device
  • Device management and analytics in one platform
  • Provide an easy to use portable device

What the Made Smarter Technology Accelerator means to Zizo Software

“Zizo is incredibly excited to be chosen for the Made Smarter Technology Accelerator programme and we can’t wait to demonstrate the power of edge analytics and what is possible to do with data. We are looking forward to working with Safran Landing Systems and learning more about their challenge and their business, and how we can use data to accelerate their move towards manufacturing 4.0.” Peter Ruffley, CEO, Zizo Software

Business achievements:

  • UK IT Industry Awards 2016 – Business IT innovation of the Year
  • IT Europa 2017 – Data Analytics Project of the Year
  • National Technology Awards 2017 – Best Analytics Product
  • National Technology Awards 2018 – Best Cloud Product
  • TMT IT, Software & Cloud Services 2018 – Best Analytical Data Management Software
  • UK IT Industry Awards 2017 – Finalist – UK Entrepreneurship & Innovation Award
  • Computing – Cloud Excellence Awards 2017 – Runner-Up Big Data Analytics Solution

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