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A digital manufacturing system that uses customer order data and converts this data into simple, easy to follow manufacturing steps and checks.

O’Neills International Sports Company Ltd Challenge: Product customisation – intelligent verification

O’Neills’ production process and ordering systems allow customers to select from and customise a wide range of garments and styles. Customers can achieve a high level of customisation selecting the individual sport, kit style and colouring. For this challenge O’Neills is looking for solutions that can be embedded along the production line at key stages to continuously monitor not only the quality of the product but verification against the approved computer aided design (CAD) models.

You can read more about O’Neills and the challenge here.

Orla Ward, project lead on the Made Smarter programme for O’Neills, was excited to complete the assessment stage of the Made Smarter Technology Accelerator programme:

“O’Neills have identified Pentiot Ltd and Metis Automation to work with us on our challenges to introduce intelligent verification and automation of production into our production processes. As a manufacturer, customised products such as jerseys are a big part of our business and being responsive to our customers’ needs means we are continually looking for the latest innovations to ensure our manufacturing processes are efficient and agile. We look forward to working with the teams at Pentiot, Metis Automation and Digital Catapult to help us on our digital transformation journey.

“For us the Digital Catapult Made Smarter Technology Accelerator is designed with industry at its core and the support available will help O’Neills accelerate our adoption of technology.”

About Metis Automation

Metis Automation creates innovative software solutions that enable manufacturers to create better quality products more efficiently. Its solutions improve the productivity, accuracy, and safety of manufacturing complex products, enabling manufacturers to deliver the highest quality products ever.

The solution

This digital manufacturing system uses customer order data and converts this data into simple, easy to follow manufacturing steps and checks. The system automatically updates work processes for customised products and enables the user to easily make bespoke and mass-produced clothing, previously a challenge for the industry. This solution streamlines the supply chain process, but means the industry can offer better, more customised products at the same cost as mass produced.

For industry the solution sets out to
Enable industrial manufacturers to offer better, more customised products at the same cost as mass produced offerings.

What the Made Smarter Technology Accelerator means to Metis Automation

“We’re excited to work with O’Neills on this challenge, as for manufacturing to be sustainable in the future, manufacturers must preserve, reuse and recycle materials and energy wherever possible. Reduction of material waste and conserving energy usage will be a key goal of our Made Smarter prototype.” Martin Griffiths, CEO, Metis Automation

Business achievements:

  • Northern Automotive Alliance Industry 4.0 Award
  • Made in the North West Finalist

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